One man's trash is another man's treasure

The ComeFetch mission

To make the giving away and finding of free, unwanted items unbelievably painless in order to prevent as much wastefulness as possible.

The big why

We found ourselves needing this platform, so we built it. Now we're offering it to the rest of the world. We're on a mission to prevent as much waste as we can. By providing the platform, free of charge to anybody, we're attempting to help people get rid of all their unnecessary clutter and at the same time find something that you might actually need.

How ComeFetch works

A quick Facebook login and you're all set to start finding free stuff and giving away stuff for free.

Based on your location, we'll show you the things people are giving away in your neighbourhood! Also, when posting something, only people nearby will be able to come fetch.

When you find something, you give a short reason for why you want it and based off that, the current owner chooses who gets to come fetch.

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